• Quick View Gnaw Straws - 3 Pack

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    Gnaw Straws - 3 Pack

    Gnaw Straws are the perfect straws for oral motor activities
  • Quick View Pencil Jaws

    Pencil Jaws

    Nothing helps test taking better than chewing on a pencil. But then you've got a destroyed pencil...and yuk!
  • Quick View Spaghetti Chewy Fidget

    Spaghetti Chewy Fidget

    Clip it on, manipulate it, braid it, twirl it, bite on it, chew it! Irresistible to the senses, the Spaghetti Chewy Fidget gives kids a colorful and lightweight finger tool that travels easily.
  • Quick View Chewy Straws

    Chewy Straws

    Have a little shark on your hands? Chewy Straws were designed by a mom whose son bit through most or