Chew Stixx

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  • Unique shape is easy to grab
  • Encourages mouthing and oral motor activity
  • Multi-textured to encourage adaptation to different food textures
Item # CF4679, CF4678, CF4677, CF4676

The Chew Stick With Texture and Design

What’s blue, orange or green and textured all over? Chew Stixx! Unlike a standard chewy tube, Chew Stixx are oral motor tools that combine multiple food-stimulating textures into one fun and durable chew stick. Additionally, because Chewy Stixx have four fun textures, they make excellent chewable hand fidgets for children craving sensory input or the input received from destructive oral motor grinding. The textures of this product were designed by therapists to simulate the ever-changing textures of food, so that children with food-related sensory issues can become more comfortable with multiple textures with the help of a single chew stick. Chew Stixx is an oral motor tool and not a toy. Use of this product should be supervised by an adult at all times. Product is extremely durable but should be replaced at first sign of wear.

All materials and colors are FDA approved and free from BP or phthalate additives. For kids or teens who like to nibble, chew moderately or bite (aggressive chewers). Choose from Blue (no flavor), Clear (mint), Orange (citrus) and Green (spearmint). This item is not returnable. 6 months +.

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Tough but not durable
I'm an adult aspie using the green mint. Even though the mint disasppeared almost immediatly, the stick was satisfying to chew. It was VERY hard to really bite into, and gives me headaches and a sore jaw if I use it more than an hour. Unfortunately, the stick was hollow at the ends, and after less than a month, the side of the stick I used the most grew soft, and then popped open. I switched to another part, and it popped open, too. Within two months, the stick was unusuable. Aside from collecting saliva and germs, the hole leaked an unpleasant, grainy rubber. I cut one part of the stick open a bit to investigate, and discovered that the stick should have been solid all the way. I don't know why the ends are hollow.
Chew StixxChew Stixx
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