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  • Large comfortable seat for balance-building activities
  • Use in prone, sitting or kneeling positions for vestibular therapy
  • Soft scooter board encourages longer play and exercise time
Item # MW5686, MW5690
Glide in comfort on our Soft Tummy Scooter, designed for play, vestibular therapy and motor planning activities. Unlike other scooter boards, the Soft Tummy Scooter is made of soft-cell foam with a large tapered seat to support sitting, kneeling and prone positions. The comfort factor enables kids to play and exercise for longer time spans, according to observations of parents and therapists. Strengthens upper body and gross motor skills while improving balance, posture and coordination. Sharpens attention with movement-based activities. Ideal for children with sensory processing challenges, low tone, ADHD and autism. Combine with bean bags, balls or obstacle courses for a fun workout. Non-marring plastic casters swivel 360° and are made for indoor use. Durability guaranteed. Supports 150 lbs. 17"L x14"W x2.5" (tapered width from 14" to 6.5") Red or Blue. Age 3+
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Fantastic, comfy scooter!
This is the fourth scooter I have purchased for my children and definitely our favorite. It is very comfortable, maneuvers easily and large enough for my 12 year old. Fun way to work on core strength and other motor skills.
Love this scooter
Soft Tummy Scooter as reviewed on Amazon: My daughter uses a scooter board in her Occupational Therapy and when I saw this padded one I knew I HAD to have it! She LOVES it! Sometimes she rides it on her tummy pulling herself along with her arms, sometimes on her bottom moving Fred Flinstone style with her feet. She even enjoys using it when we're not playing, just to get from here to there, just because it's fun! It's great exercise and helps her develop good balance and core body strength. I even got my son one so they could chase each other around the house on them. This scooter board has delivered hours of fun for my kids! I would DEFINITELY recommend this toy to anyone with young children (mine are 7 and 4).
good for spina bifida
Versatile, easy for my child with spina bifida to use on her own, well-made, fun. Maybe not quite as "soft" as I'd hoped, but better than the hard plastic ones (& maybe "softer" is impossible with something like this that needs to be sturdy as well. :) )
Christa Upton
Great for UE and core strengthening and loads of fun!
Soft Tummy Scooter™Soft Tummy Scooter™
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