Handwriting Templates Cursive - Uppercase & Lowercase

Teach Cursive with Ease


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  • Teaches writing with physical and visual cues
  • Helps with hand-eye coordination
  • Great for kids with special needs and left-handed learners
Item # RW4796
This Cursive Handwriting Instruction Guide features 1" Uppercase & Lowercase Traditional Cursive letters on a single template. Molded of fine quality pliable plastic, this Guide features sample letters for identification, numbered stroke sequence and arrows showing proper stroke direction. Ruled lines illustrate correct letter proportion, spacing and placement. The Guide assists with hand-eye coordination, helps develop a proper pencil slant, and guides the hand to move gently through the flow of the cursive handwriting sequence. Especially helpful for children with special needs, left-handed learners and home instruction. Ages 6-11
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81/2"L x 11"H