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Imagine transporting your students to a space that's equipped to renew attention and shed disruptive behaviors within minutes.  Science fiction? Not at all. Our sensory rooms can be found in schools and homes across America, enabling children to thrive academically and emotionally. 

Active minds need active bodies.  Our Action Room provides a full range of movement to engage all students, especially those with attention and hyperactivity issues:  Swings and rockers for rhythmic movement, trampolines and climbing walls for "heavy work" and ball pits, fidgets and sensory bins for massaging and tactile input.

Sensory input calms the body when the mind can't.  Our ChillSpa Room soothes the senses, decreasing aggression, anxiety and other disruptive behaviors: Interactive bubble tubes, imagery and fiber optic lights for visual input, pop-up tents and cozy tunnels for safe hideaways, and hammocks and seating for gentle rocking.

Sensory rooms are preventive care, not a reward or punishment.  When students are given ten minutes or more in the Action Room or ChillSpa Room, they are able to sit and focus for hours. 

Now your school can join the Active Mind Revolution.   You will be supported every step of the way by our experienced team of professionals at Fun and Function.  

We never just sell equipment. We listen to you carefully, and customize the solution for your needs, budget and expectations.

And that's only the beginning of our great partnership. We provide expert trainingand ongoing support throughout the year. Need tools to track results? Posters to illustrate the rules for students? A scaled pilot program for districts? Fun and Function is your one-stop resource and dedicated partner.

Most of all, we care deeply about the potential of each child, and we'll move mountains to help your school succeed in your mission.
Join us today in the Active Mind Revolution! It's time to give every student the space to succeed.

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ActiveMind School Partnership includes:

  • Positive publicity and thought leadership through our multimedia channels

  • Action Rooms and ChillSpa Rooms to improve classroom behavior and academic outcomes.
  • Classroom strategies and Break Boxes to help students maintain focus throughout the day.
  • In service training for teachers and staff, provided by experienced pediatric therapists.
  • Tools to support day-to-day performance and track results

My hope is that every school looks at the needs of the whole child, and makes the sensory room part of its educational landscape."

--Besie Katz, Principal

Providing elementary school students with a daily 10-minute physical activity break increased on-task behavior significantly..."

--Mahar, M., Murphy, S., Rowe, D., et al, Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise.