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Build a Rock Wall in Your Own Space

Make rocking climbing more accessible for children of every ability with this Adaptive Climbing Wall! Climbing this wall provides a comprehensive workout while helping children work on their coordination and sensory integration. Rock climbing allows kids to work on endurance and tolerance to anti-gravity in a non-competitive atmosphere. Children love the challenge and the teachers love the cognitive development that it provides. The Adaptive Climbing Wall comes with a professional activity guide that guides teachers and therapists to effectively include children of every ability in their climbing program. The Adaptive Holds include grab-bar style hand holds and ledge-style foot holds to provide stability and extra support for children of every ability (see details tab).

  • Develops critical thinking, gross motor and problem-solving skills
  • For children of all physical abilities and anyone seeking a challenge
  • Send us your room dimensions! We will customize the wall for you
  • Ages 6-12

Ideas for Use

The Adaptive Climbing Wall is ideal for inclusive or adapted physical education, occupational therapy and physical therapy and provides opportunities to develop balance, body awareness, muscle strength, gross motor skills and more. Climbing can also be used as a source of proprioceptive input to improve sensory integration. In addition to the physical benefits it provides, the wall’s smooth, dry-erase and magnet-accepting surface can be used for writing or other educational activities to help children with learning disabilities or communication disorders. Consequently, the Adaptive Climbing Wall is perfect for special education classrooms or schools, where learning and movement are often integrated with problem solving, visual attention training and concentration exercises.

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Answered Questions

I am interested in the adaptive climbing wall as well as the mats that are underneath. I have a question regarding the mats. I am wondering if there is a way they can be attached to the wall while being used and if there is a way to store them uprite and attached to the wall e.g velcro or a hooks to attach to walls in order for them to stay out of the way when not being used? Please get back to me at your earliest convenience. Thank you!
In what type of wall can these be installed?

Dimensions     Climber Capacity     Installation Time
8′H x 4′L           1 Climber                  1 hr
8′H x 12′L         5 Climbers                 3 hrs 45 min
8′H x 20′L         10 Climbers                7 hrs 30 min  

Protected by one or more U.S. Patents.

One year warrranty.

For which disabilities is Adaptive Wall best suited?
The Adaptive Wall is ideal for all kids with physical, sensory, communicative and cognitive disabilities.

Has the Adaptive Wall been evaluated by external companies?
The Adaptive Traverse Wall was rated by the independent National Lekotek CEnter, a non-profit organization, which bestowed upon the product "very good" and "good" ratings following its AblePlay™ evaluation. During the evaluation, the product was evaluated for its contribution to children with multiple disabilities including Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Developmental Delays, Down Syndrome & Speech and Language Delays.

What materials are used when making the wall?
The Climbing Wall is constructed of 3/4" plywood which is coated with a smooth, white, dry-erase/magnetized surface.

How are the hand holds attached to the wall?
The hand holds (aka hand grips) are mounted to the traverse wall through t-nuts and held in place with bolts. An Allen wrench can be used for easy attachment and removal. The t-nuts are of premium quality and our bolts of standardized length so that removing and moving hand holds is simple and fast.

What does the Traverse Wall include? 
Each 4x8 Adaptive Wall section includes letter and number magnets, Adaptive Climbing Holds, Groperz Hand Holds, 66 preset placement options for mounting hand holds, Adaptive Climbing activity guide, dry erase marker and the Red-Relief Line.

What are Groperz?
The color-coded Groperz; hand holds offer a variety of additional options for climbers to use as they travel across the Traverse Wall. Green hand holds are the largest and easiest to grip. The yellow holds come in a variety of sizes and offer a light challenge. The red holds are medium sized and provide the most challenge. Climbers can choose to use any color hand hold, or try the extra challenge of climbing using only hand holds of the same color.

What is the Red Relief Line?
The Red-Relief Line is a safety feature that reminds climbers to stay within a distance of three feet from the floor, and is a helpful tool for the climbing wall supervisor.

How many hand holds are included with a Traverse Wall?
Each 4' x 8' panel comes with 20 Groperz Hand Holds, 3 Adaptive Hand/Foot holds and 66 t-nuts, offering a variety of options for varying and modifying difficulty levels.

Is it possible to move the Climbing Wall?
Yes, climbing walls can be disassembled and moved to a new location. New mounting hardware will be required for installation.

What activities can we do with the wall?
Each Adaptive Climbing Wall comes with an Adaptive Climbing Wall Activity Guide that helps instructors maximize use of the wall for children with cognitive, communicative, physical and sensory disabilities participate in a climbing wall program. Some activities that are appropriate for the climbing wall includes climbing games, language and math activities.

What added liability or insurance needs will I have?
Product Liability Insurance backs all Everlast Climbing™ products. It is also recommended that you consult with your insurance carrier to see if they require any additional insurance. With Traverse Walls, additional coverage is not typically required since the climber’s feet are not more than 3½’ off the floor and safety mats provide 6’ of fall zone protection.

What do we need for safety surfacing?
Mats are an important safety component of your climbing wall. We offer safety mats in 2” thicknesses. Mats are constructed of polyethylene foam enclosed in an 18-oz. polyester reinforced vinyl cover. They come in 4’ x 6’ sections of Royal Blue and Red.

Is there a way to stack the mats when they are not being used? 
The walls come with a mat locking system which locks to the wall when not in use. 

What type of wall can the climbing walls be installed on?
These walls can be installed on cinderblock or concrete (will not work on drywall).

Adaptive Climbing WallAdaptive Climbing Wall
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