10 Fun Activities for Fathers Day

10 Fun Activities for Fathers Day

Space Explorer Hammock Airlite Ball pit Lets go Fishing

Hey, no more neckties! We have some great “guy” tools that everyone can enjoy. Play hard (or gentle) with these 10 fun activities that get you moving and feeling surrounded by love. Here’s to all the men in our lives who know how to do the dad thing!

  1. Explore Space. Step into a Space Explorer and reach, pull and stretch to understand the space around you. Seal up the opening or pop your head out, eyes open. Play hide and seek in your Space Explorers, give a great big hug to each other or roll around on the floor for a father-kid wrestling match. We have sizes for dad too!
  2. Roll, Roll, Roll, Along. It’s time to give dad a great back massage and when he’s done, maybe you’ll get one too. Our Pressure Foam roller is perfect for providing heavy work to the “roller” and deep pressure to the one being “rolled.” Get a great core workout while you’re at it!
  3. Mark Your Spot! Grab our Spot Markers, toss them on the floor and then jump from one to the other while playing a game of leap frog. Or grab some beanbags or a ball and use the spots for targets. Place the spots on a wall and race to touch the targets.
    CF5878_Floor Spots for Kids
  4. Tactile Time. Our Spiky Tactile Balls provide a great sensory workout for the hands and a great massage for dad. Kids love the feel and dad will love the effect. Roll the spiky balls over the back, arms or legs for a wake-me-up.IMG_7157
  5. Crash Down! Try a little rough housing or crashing. The Crash Mat is great for jumping, crashing, hanging out with a great book or watching a movie.vs3685_crashmat1
  6. Putties. It’s ooey gooey time and our Discovery Putties are perfect for some heavy handwork with dad. Can you pull out the pieces and hide them from dad?discovery-putty-active-girl1
  7. Go Canoeing! No getting wet with our Cozy Canoe! You can climb in and read a book, rock your way to the Pacific Ocean or whack each other for some great heavy work-play time.Cozy-Canoe-active4
  8. Go Fish – without worms. With Let’s Go Fishing, you can toss our textured fish in the air and see who can catch the most. Or pretend you’re sea animals and roll around on the floor to scoop up the fish.
  9. Have a Ball. Jump into our Air-Lite Ball Pit. The cushioned bottom makes for soft landings. Take turns pouring hundreds of balls over each other, and feel the laughter.SP4610_air_lite_ball_pit_active-(4)
  10. Chill. Take a calming swing in a hammock and let the day roll by. Before you know it, Father’s Day will be over but you’ll feel closer than ever.

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