Smile! Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids and Adults with Sensory Challenges

Do you know someone who dreads a visit to the dentist? Exhibits poor oral hygiene? Since this is not an age related issue, there are teens and adults who don’t take good care of their teeth, avoid regular checkups and avoid their toothbrush altogether. This may be due to sensory integration and … Read More

Quick Guide Sensory Processing Disorder

Quick Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder for Newbies

Our Quick Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) for Newbies can help you identify behavior patterns and find helpful tools for the daily challenges.  Sensory Processing Disorder is a term we hear often. Though we all struggle with sensory overload at times, Sensory Processing Disorder has specific symptoms and treatments. Quick Guide … Read More

ADHD? 7 Simple Strategies to Organize Now!

The brain is complex, no doubt. It is literally the computer system for the human body. Without it, we cannot survive as it provides mechanisms for breathing, thinking, speaking, feeling, memory and higher functioning skills like planning, creating and organizing.   For some, organization skills come naturally and for others, … Read More