On a Roll! Learning Mobility

Move, rock and swing! The body’s vestibular system is behind the motion, providing balance and spatial orientation. As a therapist, I am often called upon to help adjust a child’s balance reactions, which begin at birth and evolve to support sitting, kneeling, and standing.   We need both static balance … Read More

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Jump and Learn! Benefits of Sensory Input

Can you jump 6 inches or a foot high? Can you land on a spot? Jump over a log or off a block? How many times? Jumping is a coordinated, heavy work activity that promotes motor planning, balance, muscle development, coordination – and bone density too! Jumping is terrific for … Read More

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Chores: Heavy Work for Every Age

Exercise is a relatively modern day need born from our sedentary lifestyles. Though we no longer hunt and gather for survival, our bodies need to move, lift and carry heavy things in order to thrive. Fortunately we can turn everyday chores into opportunities for “heavy work” that benefit our mind … Read More

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