Wearable Weights for Your Sensory Diet

  Weight may not help your waistline but wearable weights can do wonders for your ability to modulate, interpret and regulate sensory information. Position the weight on the joints to help develop spatial and body awareness, and act as an organizing force for the brain and nervous system.   You … Read More

Fidgeting Again? 5 Moves for You!

By now you may be the proud owner of a fidget or perhaps even a collection of professionally designed fidgets.  You’ve witnessed or personally experienced the positive impact of fidgeting: sharper focus, increased calm, and self-regulation to name a few. Fidgeting helps many people function better. However, to avoid going … Read More

How to Thrive on the 4th of July

  Ready for July 4th? If your family is divided about whether fireworks are spectacular  or a noisy nightmare, read on.  Pediatric therapist and mom Aviva Weiss shares 5 survival tips for kids of all ages, including solutions for sensory processing disorder, ADHD, autism and other special needs. 1. Pyrotechnics 101 – Prepare and … Read More

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