About Weight and Compression

How much weight is appropriate for my child, and how long should it be worn? As a pediatric OT, these are among the most frequently-asked questions. Below are tips to help you-and please email me to receive a handout with more details. We also recommend that you consult with your child’s therapist for specific guidance.

As you may know, the weight and/or the compression functions as a deep hug and helps calm and focus over stimulated children. Many children with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADD, and other neurological disorders benefit from weighted and compression vests. It is recommended that the vest is weighted up to 5% of the child’s body weight and should not exceed 10%

Some children benefit from a combination of weight and compression. Deep pressure and weight often help hyperactive or overstimulated children calm down, organize and focus. While compression can be worn the whole day, it is only recommend that the child use the weight for around a 30-40 min once every 2-3 hours

All-day sensory input can be calming for children, but it’s important that they look and feel their best. New Sens-ational Hug shirts give kids all-day sensory input by providing deep reassuring pressure to the entire upper body that feels like a hug. Extremely lightweight (95% Organic Cotton-5% spandex), they are seamless and tagless.

For ideal weighted compression, try dressing your child in a Sensational Hug Shirt and layer with a weighted fleece vest. The shirt gives steady gentle compression while the weighted vest can be easily removed after 30-40 minutes. This combination also looks cool and fashionable.

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