Are We Misinterpreting ADHD?

“I find it  fascinating that the same American culture that idolizes the entrepreneurial  spirit and pursuits has an educational system that inhibits the skills and talents necessary for entrepreneurial success.  I wonder how many minds brimming with creativity  have been retrained and redirected to engage in tasks that are socially acceptable for the academic setting. How many visionary leaders have we lost to that process?

Many of the attributes that often contribute to success in 2014 are shared by minds gifted with ADHD. School should be a place where minds are broadened, creative thinking is expanded and differences are celebrated. It is often those exceptionally different people who contribute and create the  fantastically wonderful things that make our world unique.”
Aviva Weiss, Mom, OT, Founder Fun and Function

As a creative thinker, I often find my mind wandering, picking up bits and pieces of different thoughts. I’ve never been one to stay on task for too long. I suffered through many boring teachers and benefitted from many creative ones. I have also watched my own kids going through the school systems. They know I demand respect to and of themselves toward their teachers and their school. Yet, I am frequently frustrated by the hum drum of a typical classroom. I envision a day when every child is engaged in learning and I applaud schools who’s effort is to do so. Take a closer look at a recent article published by the NY Times. Let us know what you think.

Ilana M. Danneman, PT, Mom, Creative Director Fun and Function





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