5 Ways to Reduce Sensory Meltdowns over the Holidays

Ever notice how sensory meltdowns spike during the holiday season? Itchy costumes, changing routines and noisy crowds can overwhelm the nervous system, especially with SPD or autism. Take 5 steps now to reduce sensory meltdowns and help your child enjoy the wonder of the holidays. Prep your child for what’s … Read More

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Lista De Herramientas Sensoriales Para La Escuela

¿Qué herramientas pueden ayudar a tu hijo a calmarse y concentrarse en la escuela? Nuestras herramientas ayudan a que los niños aprendan a manejar la frustración y controlar sus impulsos. Aquí te compartimos una lista con sugerencias y productos que hacen una gran diferencia como usar ropa sin etiquetas, el … Read More

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Back-to-school Questions? Our Expert Therapists Respond

Managing your child’s anxiety and setting routines are top concerns according to a back-to-school survey conducted by Fun and Function. The 200 respondents included parents, teachers and clinicians, many of whom asked questions about their specific situations. We turned to our Fun and Function occupational therapists, Adina Steinberg and Danielle … Read More

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