Sensory Activities for Heavy Handwork

  It’s like chores, but for your hands. Heavy handwork strengthens fine motor skills for handwriting and daily living activities. Using your hands can provide a mental break, help with focus, and act as a filter to support sensory integration therapy.   For children with ADHD, heavy handwork can provide … Read More

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On a Roll! Learning Mobility

Move, rock and swing! The body’s vestibular system is behind the motion, providing balance and spatial orientation. As a therapist, I am often called upon to help adjust a child’s balance reactions, which begin at birth and evolve to support sitting, kneeling, and standing.   We need both static balance … Read More

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Jump and Learn! Benefits of Sensory Input

Can you jump 6 inches or a foot high? Can you land on a spot? Jump over a log or off a block? How many times? Jumping is a coordinated, heavy work activity that promotes motor planning, balance, muscle development, coordination – and bone density too! Jumping is terrific for … Read More

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