Sensory Solutions for Teens and Adults

Sensory Solutions for Teens and Adults

Providing sensory solutions for teens and adults is as important as exercise and overall well being. Work, social media, diet and environment are just a few of the stresses that can tax our nervous system and bring our sensory system crashing down. As we head out to school, work or even to … Read More

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vacation-friendly sensory tools

Vacation-Friendly Sensory Tools

Heading out? Pack vacation-friendly sensory tools for your time away from home. New sensory tools are exciting but most importantly, select items that are portable, durable and engage a variety of senses. Read on for fun ideas. Of course, if your child or teen has a favorite lap pad or … Read More

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Heel First! Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Toe Walking

Does your child walk on the toes or balls of the feet? Toe walking can lead to falling, and may be symptomatic of vestibular issues and developmental delays. Try our movement activities to help prevent and reduce toe walking. Remember to encourage kids to walk on their heels, and improve balance … Read More

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