6 Fun Activities on your Scooter Board

We love scooter boards and crawlers, those 4 wheeled toys with the flat surface that you can sit on, lie on and work across the room. Scooter boards provide a useful tool for working on mobility, direction, motor planning and gross motor skills. Be sure your scooter board is safe! Any … Read More

7 Strategies to Improve Focus

It’s the million-dollar question: How to Improve Focus? Parents, teachers and students want to know!  Focus is the ability to attend, whether or not the subject interests us. Let’s look at 7 ways to improve focus and adjust the environment too!   Move to Improve Focus If you have to … Read More

How to Choose Flexible Classroom Seating

Don’t sit still! Since movement can help students learn better, flexible classroom seating is essential. Now how do you identify the right seat for your child or student? Fortunately, there’s an incredible range of flexible classroom seating such as wiggle seats, wobble stools, fun chairs, seat cushions and ball chairs, … Read More