Back to School! Sensory Supply List

back to school sensory suppply list

Heading back to school? Whether you home school or send your children to a traditional school, it’s a great time of year to stock up on school supplies. Though most schools provide you with a school supply list, many do not include a Sensory Supply List. But don’t worry: we’ve taken care of that for you. If you have a child with sensory integration disorder, autism or any sensory needs, take a look at our suggestions and make sure you get your orders in early!

  1. Vest. A stylish weighted or compression vest is a must for back to school. Our vests come in a variety of styles and sizes and provide the needed assurance, pressure and calm that can keep your child centered throughout the school day. You can choose from different materials including denim, as well as compression and traditional weighted styles. Teens will especially like our vest in black which is an inch longer too.
  2. Lap Pad. Keeping a lap pad at school can be a real sensory savior! Choose from different styles or weights to provide the right sensory input during desk time, test taking or circle time. Your lap pad can have built-in activities, be soft and flexible, furry or just plain and easy to clean.WR4269_animal_lap_pad_zebra_activewr4274_wipe_clean_weighted_lap_pad_active2_low
  3. Pencil Grips. We know your school has asked for several packs of pencils. Be sure to provide your own pencil grips. These can make the difference between effective and ineffective writing skills. Most grips encourage a 3-point proper grip but you can choose what’s most comfortable.RW6075_Handy-Herbert-Handwriting-Glove-active1
  4. Fidgets. Kids get nervous, stressed, and anxious. Keeping a small fidget for their fingers or feet can help keep their nerves at bay. Choose from portable, attachable or stickable fidgets.CF6022_Anemone-Desk-Fidget-4
  5. Chewies. The mouth works as a fantastic filter when it comes to sensory processing and assisting with focus and concentration. Even test scores can go up when a child is allowed to chew while working. Keep a good supply of chewies for the upcoming year.cf5115_chewy_fidget_coil_new-(1)
  6. Wiggle Cushion. Many kids have a hard time sitting in school. A wiggle cushion can allow them to move and yet sit still at the same time.CF4635 Fishy Gel1
  7. Compression Shirt. If your child benefits from all day compression, make sure you pick up several of our compression shirts, which can be worn alone, or right under their school uniform or non-uniform shirt to provide an all-day hug.WR3858-blue_short_sleeve-active

If you are sending in items that are not on your schools list, be sure that you discuss the benefits with your child’s teacher. They will more than likely appreciate the support and may even suggest them to other children once they see the benefits.

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