Best Toys for 10 Year Old With Autism

Finding the right toys for a 10-year-old with Autism can be challenging, especially because you only want to give them the very best. Check out these staff picks from the expert therapists at Fun and Function to see what toys your 10-year-old will love!

Air-Lite Tire Swing:  Our fun inflatable tire swing is perfect for 10-year-olds with Autism. It can be used to work on motor planning, lower extremity strength training, and balance practice. It’s perfect for one child to ride one alone and explore their motor planning skills, but it’s also great for multiple kids to play on at the same time, working together to swing about. This swing is height-adjustable and made out of coast-guard material, making it easily installed inside or out!

Air-Lite Ball Pit: This ball pit is the perfect place for your 10-year-old to calm down, participate in active play, or even lounge out and read!  It’s also an ideal space for heavy work or play. The sides are super soft and easily fill with air to keep the ball pit comfortable. Fill the pit with balls or foam blocks for play, or keep it empty to create a perfect place to hang out in. In addition to all of these great ways to play, this ball pit is a great place to sit with kids one on one or to hold speech therapy sessions in. You can easily inflate and deflate the ball pit to take the fun with you where ever you go!

Mushy Smushy Beanbag Chair: This perfectly-sized beanbag is fun for kids of all ages to hang out on or play with throughout the day. It’s soft, squishy insides and smooth outer layer make it the perfect toy for lounging, tossing around with friends, or just giving a great big hug! It provides great pressure with its micro-stretch fiber, making it the perfect no-body friend for your 10-year-old with Autism.

Wobble Chair:  This chair is perfect for 10-year-olds who just can’t sit still. This chair that was designed to tilt and wobble without toppling over! It allows your child to wiggle about while completing homework or other assignments, providing them with an outlet to channel their fidgety tendencies. Your kids can have fun and focus as they sit and move with this specially designed wobble chair.

Denim or Stretch Denim Vest:  These fashionable weighted vests provides weight in the shoulders and pockets, making it easy to provide your child with comfort and security. You can place as much as two pounds of weight into the vest, which features pockets inside and out. The outer pockets are perfect for your 10-year-old to store a fidget toy or other small items. These vests are made of a great stretchy material that is fashion forward and easily paired with any 10-year-old’s wardrobe.

Fidget Key Chain Balls:  Our Fidget Key Chain Balls are perfect to help keep your 10-year-old focused. They’re awesome because of their tough outer skin, making them perfect for intense fidgeting. You can keep them in the car, at school, or clipped to a bag, thanks to the keychain accessory. There are three options of fidget key chain balls to choose from:  one has colorful pellet balls, one has small rice-like pieces, and one has sand inside (providing extra weight!).

Emotions Putty:  This toy is available in two options and can be used for alerting and energizing or soothing and calming. Both can be used for strengthening your child’s grip! The energize putty is the color of lighting and squeezing it will make your 10-year-old more energetic. The other putty available is our calming putty, perfect for your 10-year-old who might be feeling a bit anxious or stressed. This putty is purple and changes color as you squeeze to provide the ultimate sensory experience. These putties are perfect for home, school, clinics, or on the go.

Pinch Worm Fidget Set:  Pinching is encouraged with the pinch worm toy from Fun and Function! Quickly and easily mesmerize and calm your 10-year-old with these pinching, coiling tubes. Your child will quickly become enthralled with pushing the tight coils through the tubes! This toy is the perfect way to keep your child busy in a quiet, hands-non way. It’s perfect for long car rides or quick trips to the grocery store and fits easily into a bag or purse.

Tie Dye Chewy Necklace: This durable chewie is perfect for aggressive fighters and oral motor seekers. It’s fun to wear and perfect for your 10-year-old with Autism. They won’t bite through it, and the nylon cord with the quick release at the top makes it super easy to wear. It’s perfect for kids of all ages who love tie dye!

When shopping for toys for a 10-year-old with sensory processing disorders, it’s important to find toys that cater to their special needs. Find more toys perfect for your 10-year-old with Autism at Fun and Function today!

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