Best Toys For 5 Year Old With Autism

Finding the right toy for your five-year-old who has special needs can prove to be quite challenging, but no more! Fun and Function has made it easy to find the perfect toy for your child. While all of our toys are great for five-year-olds with Autism, we picked our top 6 favorite toys your five-year-old is sure to love!

  1. Moon Chew Necklace – These necklaces are perfect for parents and five-year-olds alike! Gone are the days of carrying around teething toys for your child. With this stylish twist on teething toys, the Moon Chew Necklace allows you to wear the toy. Now, you and your child will always have access to a therapeutic chew toy! These necklaces are perfect for kids with sensory processing disorder, autism or oral motor needs, and are available in 4 fun shapes.
  2. Vibrating Bee – This adorable bumblebee is ready to play with your 5-year-old! Your child will be entertained for hours with stimulating vibrations that help to calm and focus their attention. The bee is covered in various fabrics, allowing your child to experience tactile feelings of soft, stretchy, and smooth. This vibrating bee encourages touch and interaction with various sensations, making it the perfect buddy for your five-year-old!
  3. Climbing Ladder – This ladder is great because it can be installed from the ceiling or in any doorway in your home. Playing on it encourages your child to balance, coordinate, and plan their next move. The ladder swings about when in use, making it a challenging but fun way for your child to work in some physical activity. This toy can please children of various skill levels – parents can make play easier by standing on the excess rope or harder by letting it swing free for an extra challenge. This toy is perfect for a five-year-old that loves to pretend or climb high in the sky!
  4. Snapping Turtles – This set of three plush turtles are a perfect toy for your five-year-old! These brightly colored turtles snap together in any configuration that your child would like. Each turtle weighs something different, making them an educational tool for your child to learn about weight. The Snapping Turtles also work great as a sensory therapy tool – simply snap them together to make a weighted strap for your five-year-old.
  5. Jumping Board – Our Jumping Board is perfect for 5-year-old sensory seekers. It is also perfect the perfect toy to inspire a quick workout session in between homework, television programs, or any kind of sensory play. The board is made of sturdy wood and equipped with indestructible springs so your five-year-old can play as often and as long as they would like. This toy is perfect for improving balance, focus, and overall sensory integration.
  6. Discovery Putty – This toy is ideal for curious five-year-olds! Discovery Putty is perfect for five-year-olds to warm their hands up before completing a writing assignment, for kids with sensory integration dysfunction, and even for stress release! This toy gets your child to use their cognition and their bodies to find all of the little pieces inside. Discovery Putty comes with 15 small pieces that you can hide, available in four options: School Tools (featuring all kinds of school supplies), Grab The Goodies (which features snack items), Animal Rescue (which features miniature animals), and Transportation Station (which features all kinds of vehicles).

If you’re still having trouble finding the right toy for your five-year-old, contact us today! One of our therapists can help you find a toy your child will love.

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