Free Play! Sensory Activities for Children with Special Needs

Free play! Sensory activities for special needs children should go beyond play. While play is fun, it also has purpose, building social skills, problem solving, motor planning, and more. But free play, or play without purpose, is unstructured play and provides a much needed sensory break to be ourselves, live in … Read More

Weighted Blanket Benefits: Calm Anxiety and Sleep!

Can you guess the name of a very popular and natural stress reliever? Hint: it can help you or your child feel calmer during the day, and sleep better at night. If you guessed weighted blankets, you’re right!  Weighted Blanket Benefits are well-researched, and their calming effect is now popular beyond … Read More

Smile! Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids and Adults with Sensory Challenges

Do you know someone who dreads a visit to the dentist? Exhibits poor oral hygiene? Since this is not an age related issue, there are teens and adults who don’t take good care of their teeth, avoid regular checkups and avoid their toothbrush altogether. This may be due to sensory integration and … Read More