Smile! Oral Hygiene Tips for Kids and Adults with Sensory Challenges

Do you know someone who dreads a visit to the dentist? Exhibits poor oral hygiene? Since this is not an age related issue, there are teens and adults who don’t take good care of their teeth, avoid regular checkups and avoid their toothbrush altogether. This may be due to sensory integration and … Read More

Best Toys for 8 Year Old With Autism

Special needs toys deserve special attention! If you’re looking for a slew of toys just for kids with Autism, look no further. Here are our top picks for guys who are sensory seekers, sensory avoiders and sensory over responders.  Remember. Chewing, Moving and Eye-Hand Coordination all provide great filters for … Read More

Activities for Kids With Learning Disabilities

It’s her 3rd time reviewing fractions with Jason and yet he is still just as confused as the first time. Though his mom sits down daily with him, he just can’t seem to grasp the concepts. Learning Disability. What is it exactly? Learning Disabilities are often a catch-all term for … Read More