Quick Guide Sensory Processing Disorder

Quick Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder for Newbies

Our Quick Guide to Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) for Newbies can help you identify behavior patterns and find helpful tools for the daily challenges.  Sensory Processing Disorder is a term we hear often. Though we all struggle with sensory overload at times, Sensory Processing Disorder has specific symptoms and treatments. Quick Guide … Read More


You have kids and you need solutions! Check out our most recent posting at Specialisms.com (http://special-ism.com/engage-kids-in-the-classroom-8-ideas-for-heavy-work/) We wanted to alert you so you can visit their site and reap some of the benefits. Specialism regularly posts information and solutions for special needs.  Whether you are interested in solutions for behavior, … Read More

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Extended Family and Special Needs: 7 Tips to Strengthen Relationships

As parents of kids with special needs, we sometimes operate in survival mode and neglect the relationships that are beyond the immediate household. I’d like to share several ideas that strengthened my extended family network of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Be honest about the challenges to help your family … Read More

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