Autism and Eye Contact

It is well known that children with autism have difficulty with eye contact. In fact, lack of good eye contact with others, can be one of the firs sigs of autism related spectrum. The reasons vary from the brain of someone with autism not being able to understand social cues … Read More

Ten Tips To Ease Holiday Travels With Children With Special Needs

The chaos of packing, airport crowds and security, lengthy car rides and yes, even overexposure to family and friends is enough to erode any holiday traveler’s festive spirit. Add traveling with children into the equation, especially when special needs are involved, and some parents might wish they could just stay … Read More

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Need Empathy? 10 Fun Activities for Home or School

  Do you know how I feel? The ability to identify with other people’s emotions can elude children who struggle to process verbal and non-verbal cues.   How can parents and teachers coach kids to develop empathy, a key to successful relationships at every stage of life?  We asked Lauren Zimet, a leading … Read More

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