Autism in the Classroom

Teaching and administering during a time when sensory integration, ADHD, Autism and a variety of other neurological differences are prevalent leads us as parents, teachers and administrators to re-think our classroom designs. You want a school that understands EVERY child and can accommodate them to be able to learn at … Read More

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Summer Activities for Kids with Autism

Splash down! Camps are in full swing, homework is something long forgotten. For children with special needs summer offers a plethora of opportunities. Summer activities can offer outlets otherwise left untapped and skills can be mastered outside of the classroom. Lets take a closer look at my top 10 favorite … Read More

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Fitness for Autistic Children

Evidence is clear. Activity breeds wellness….in everyone. For children with autism fitness can be more than just a healthy boost. It can act as a filter toward intruding sensory information. Movement alone can be helpful to minimize hand flapping, stuttering, lack of attention, poor eye contact. Why? All those endorphins, … Read More

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