Sensory chew to calm and de-stress

Chew on this! A sensory chew or chewelry is a playful tool for sensory integration, oral motor training or fidgeting. Many kids and adults need to chew to help regulate the nervous system, cope with anxiety, or manage stress. But chewing on sleeves, fingernails, or pencils is rarely a good … Read More

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6 Fun Activities on your Scooter Board

We love scooter boards and crawlers, those 4 wheeled toys with the flat surface that you can sit on, lie on and work across the room. Scooter boards provide a useful tool for working on mobility, direction, motor planning and gross motor skills. Be sure your scooter board is safe! Any … Read More

vacation-friendly sensory tools

Vacation-Friendly Sensory Tools

Heading out? Pack vacation-friendly sensory tools for your time away from home. New sensory tools are exciting but most importantly, select items that are portable, durable and engage a variety of senses. Read on for fun ideas. Of course, if your child or teen has a favorite lap pad or … Read More

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