7 Tips for Safe Travel with Special Needs

Traveling safely with children is a challenge, especially if your child tends to wander, can’t communicate easily or is on the autism spectrum. Plan ahead with these seven travel safety tips to reduce the stress of traveling with special needs — and enjoy the journey. After all, travel stimulates the brain with … Read More

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7 Strategies to Improve Focus

It’s the million-dollar question: How to Improve Focus? Parents, teachers and students want to know!  Focus is the ability to attend, whether or not the subject interests us. Let’s look at 7 ways to improve focus and adjust the environment too!   Move to Improve Focus If you have to … Read More

Autism Awareness Month: 10 Activities for You and your Family

Do you have autism or support someone with autism? We want to hear your story! Tell us about yourself, and your plans during Autism Awareness Month.  Share our suggested activities with friends and family — and add your ideas too. Often numbers are used to describe autism, a neurological disorder … Read More

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