best weighted vest for classroom

Best Weighted Vest for Classroom

What’s the best weighted vest for students in your classroom? Weighted vests are a terrific tool to calm, organize and focus students with ADHD, sensory processing disorder or autism.  With deep sensory input into the muscles and Golgi Tendon Organs (joint receptors) a weighted vest can help a student be more at … Read More

Best Toys For 12 Year Old With Autism

If you have a 12-year-old with Autism, you want to give them the very best in all aspects of life, including their toys! Check out Fun and Function’s staff picks for the best toys designed for 12-year-olds with Autism. Jumping Board:  This heavy-duty board is used just like a trampoline, … Read More

Best Toys for 8 Year Old With Autism

Special needs toys deserve special attention! If you’re looking for a slew of toys just for kids with Autism, look no further. Here are our top picks for guys who are sensory seekers, sensory avoiders and sensory over responders.  Remember. Chewing, Moving and Eye-Hand Coordination all provide great filters for … Read More