Autism in the Classroom

Teaching and administering during a time when sensory integration, ADHD, Autism and a variety of other neurological differences are prevalent leads us as parents, teachers and administrators to re-think our classroom designs. You want a school that understands EVERY child and can accommodate them to be able to learn at … Read More

Getting Ready for Camp!

I LOVE camp. I am in my happy place when I’m at just about any camp. I attended camp myself for 9 years and I currently sit on the board of Camp Living Wonders, a camp for children with autism. I have had the opportunity to interview many parents and … Read More

What’s A Sensory Diet?

You’ve been told that your child needs to go on a sensory diet. A what? A diet? I’m not talking about a food diet, although there is evidence that certain foods can have an impact on our nervous system. I’m referring to the sensory system and a sensory diet. This … Read More