Get a great gift for your teacher, easily! Whether your child is in a special needs school or a traditional school setting, selecting a sensory savvy classroom gift can support your teacher, and all the students too. Here are our top picks for your A+ teacher!

Time Timer Plus

$36.99 - Age 3+

Teachers adore these visual timers which help the entire class stay on task, on time, with a clear visual signal. As time elapses, the timer's red disk gradually disappears under a clear and durable lens, guiding kids to learn time management.


Lean-N-Learn Cushion

$28.99-$29.99 - Age 4+

The seat of choice, this cushion encourages a great seating position as well as focus and attention. Place on school chair on even on the floor. Choice of two sizes, ideal for kids who need to move to learn!


Ball Chairs

$20.99-$29.99 - Age 3+

Every teacher wants a ball chair! These therapy balls can be used for movement and for sitting. Deflate partially to use as a beanbag seat in a reading corner. Kid and teacher tested and approved!


Animal Lap Pads

$49.99-$55.99 - Age 3+

Sometimes it's just hard to concentrate. These weighted animal lap pads help keep bodies calm so minds can engage. And for your sensory seekers, each animal has cute ears and a smooth tail, providing a tactile outlet for fidgety fingers. Choice of Monkey, Dino, and Zebra, each with a different amount of weight.


Break Box

$154.99+ - Ages 3+

Everyone wants one but not everyone has one. A break box is a classroom teacher's dream come true. Filled with sensory items for when a break is needed, each box is a go-to-haven for when sensory systems need help reorganizing.


Grips Galore

Kids with poor muscle tone or difficulty with handwriting really benefit from using grips. Teachers love to keep a stash of grips, especially for students who misplace or lose their grip!