Everybody Needs a Break

We all lead busy lives with varying degrees of drama. We’re human beings, and we all need breaks every now and again. I don’t know about you, but I have a tendency not to take that break. But guess what? Sometimes I do get sick. Then what am I supposed to do?

I’m lucky in that I’m married, and my husband actively helps out. If he’s out of commission, I take over, and vice versa. We, however, sometimes need some alone time. We need to recharge our relationship. Whether we’re sick, need a break, or need time with our partner – the kids still need to be cared for. How do you find someone?

The technical term is called “respite care.” I don’t like the term, sounds too medical for me. In my head, what I need is a babysitter who can handle special needs.

The first resource you should use to find respite care are your current agencies. Talk to your doctors, therapists, social workers, and special education workers. They may know of resources you wouldn’t have otherwise heard about that are local to you. If you are involved with your state in any of your child’s care (for example, my son is in a program through the county mental health department), they have respite resources as well, and you’ll need to contact them directly. Here are two sites to get you started on finding someone who can handle your household while you handle YOU:

It’s important to get away from your kids, even if it’s just for an hour of coffee alone. It recharges¬† your mind. Then you can go back to all your duties energized. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’ll do it later, or your child needs you too much, or no one can do this but you. If you do, you’ll eventually burn out, and that’s no help to the people in your life who need you. Take care of yourself.

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