We have a new Featured Parent to introduce you to! Anara is a parent to a child with special needs and graciously answered a few questions.


Fun and Function: Who are you and your kids?

Anara Midgett: I'm Anara Midgett and my kids are Clara, 5, and Alan, 3 1/2.


FF: What is the nature of their special needs?

AM: Clara: Down Syndrome, Autism, Dysarthria of Speech, and Hypotonia. Alan: being a 3 year old - Holy Smokes.


FF: Do you blog?

AM: able2able... Your Special Needs Resource Directory


FF: What would you say is your biggest challenge in raising a child with special needs?

AM: My daughter has delays in every area. There is just not enough time to work on everything as well as drive her to school and appointments. No matter what I do, there's always something else that she needs. I've had to learn to be satisfied that I am doing enough for her and to stop pressuring myself to be the perfect Therapy Mom.


FF: What would you say is your greatest joy in raising your kids?

AM: Watching their unique personalities emerge. I couldn't stop laughing the first time Clara used her Dynavox (AAC device) to tell me to be quiet! Makes me wonder what else my cheeky monkey is thinking.


FF: What would you say has been the biggest help you in raising your kids?

AM: Other parents. Why reinvent the wheel? I love to learn from someone else's mistakes and successes and often combine tips to create my own solutions to parenting dilemmas.


FF: Give us one tool you would hate to live without.

AM: The Internet.


FF: If you could give one piece of advice to another parent who's child has just been diagnosed, what would it be?

AM: Don't assume that Special Needs organizations and parent to parent groups are "support groups" where people sit in a circle and feel sorry for themselves. That is so not true! Most modern organizations are about education, awareness, creating a community, and yes, support. Experience what they have to offer before deciding they have nothing to offer you and your family.


Anara, thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us and all the readers here at Fun and Function.

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