Trending: Flip Sequins for Fidgeting

flip sequins fidgeting

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The art of fidgeting is reaching new heights with flip sequins. To encourage reflection and interaction, the new Hudson Yards in New York features a wall of reversible sequins where you can write and draw with your fingers. Children and adults put their mark on the glimmering panels, “I WAS HERE” by artist Lara Schnitger. But you don’t have to leave home to fidget with flip sequins. For soothing tactile and sensory input, try three fidgets with reversible sequins from Fun and Function.

Weighted Sensory Pillow with Flip Sequin Fabric

Flip Sequins for Fidgeting

Busy Fingers Weighted Sensory Pillow

flip sequins fidgeting

Fidgeting with Busy Fingers Weighted Sensory Pillow

Enjoy the calming effect of this 4 lb. Weighted Sensory Pillow. The fabric looks like shimmery fish scales, providing visual and tactile appeal — and quiet play. Run your fingers across the flip sequins and watch the colors change from green to silver. Draw shapes or write your name in letters using your fingers. Place on your lap for a grounding effect during circle time or for proprioceptive input while riding in a car.

Flip Sequins for Fidgeting

Super Calming Fidget with Flip Sequins

Flip sequins fidgeting

Engage fingers to increase focus

Stash this Super Calming Fidget

Quiet and calming, the Super Calming Fidget appeals to all ages. Stash in your desk, car or backpack to provide an outlet for fidgety fingers and active minds. Brush your hands across the sequins to watch the colors change. Get soothing tactile input to increase attention and focus. Take along for doctor appointments or other activities to support self-regulation during stressful transitions.


flip sequins fidgeting

LED Super Calming Lap Pad Cover

flip sequins fidgeting

Insert Lap Pad (sold separately)

Dress up your Lap Pad with Flip Sequins

Dress up your lap pad! This LED Super Calming Lap Pad Cover has flip sequins for visual and tactile input. Run your fingers across the reversible sequins and watch the colors change. The soft-glowing LED lights promote calm and focus too. Insert lap pad (sold separately) to benefit from the grounding effect of the weight on your joints.

What’s your favorite fidget?

Flip sequins are trending, but perhaps you have a different favorite fidget? Share what helps you feel calmer, more focused or just playful! We’d love to hear from you.


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