Help Me Calm Down!

Kids with sensory processing disorder often experience anxiety. They are overwhelmed by all the transitions and unpredictable events taking place in their daily lives, but often cannot pinpoint the source of their discomfort. They might become irritable and appear to be irrational. Tantrums often become a modus operandi to attract human attention to their needs.

We all have emotional and physical needs, but as adults, we can (hopefully) identify our needs and address them. We can choose to take a coffee break, exercise, eat, take a bathroom break and speak with a friend or family member.

Children on the other hand, have very little control of their lives. Adults tell them what, where, when and how to do. The equation is simple: Emotional or Physical Needs +Decreased Control= Anxiety and Frustration.

Remember, children are little people with human needs. They benefit from choices and some control in their daily lives. Children deserve empathy and respect. Children deserve to be heard. Their feelings are real and their anxieties and frustrations have a root cause.

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