How to Care for Your Deep Pressure Vest

Perhaps your child’s therapist or teacher recommended a pressure vest. Or, maybe you’re just one of those intuitive parents who has witnessed the benefits of pressure when properly applied. A pressure vest (purchased with or without weights) is a fashionable vest that provides a deep hug to your child’s trunk or torso. It can be worn all day or like a weighted vest in intervals. You’ve purchased your vest, but not exactly sure what to do when it comes home smelly from a full day at school. Have no fear. A pressure vest works much like any outer article of clothing.

You can either:

1) Spot clean it. Just apply a moist cloth to the soiled area and then let it dry.
2) Wash by hand. Use mild soapy detergent. Soak for 10-15 minutes. Rinse. Then hang to dry.
3) Toss in the machine. Make sure you attach all the Velcro closings so they are not loose to grab other articles in the wash. Then hang to dry.

Your vest should last and last with good care and some attention.

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