Autism Elopement: 10 Safety Strategies

Autism elopement or wandering is a common challenge. Sometimes children with autism roam to a favorite spot or need distance from sensory stimulation. Try to give your child a way to signal sensory overload, such as a specific gesture or word. This can alert you to the need for a break. … Read More

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7 Sensory Activities for You and Your Family

Do you have autism or support someone with autism? We want to hear your story! Tell us about yourself, and your plans during Autism Awareness/Acceptance Month. Share our suggested sensory activities with friends and family — and add your ideas too! 1. Create an Obstacle Course Take some of your … Read More

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OT Awareness Month: Celebrating Those We Serve

April is a Occupational Therapy Awareness Month.  The American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA) celebrates the 213,000+ individuals who work nationwide to create fuller lives for clients and their families. Its a month to honor the clients we have the privilege to serve, as well as connect with and extend gratitude … Read More

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