Back-to-school Questions? Our Expert Therapists Respond

Managing your child’s anxiety and setting routines are top concerns according to a back-to-school survey conducted by Fun and Function. The 200 respondents included parents, teachers and clinicians, many of whom asked questions about their specific situations. We turned to our Fun and Function occupational therapists, Adina Steinberg and Danielle … Read More

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Checklist of Sensory-friendly School Supplies

What can help your child calm and focus at school? Sensory-friendly school supplies to the rescue! Practicing how to manage frustration and control impulses are essential steps. Here’s a checklist to guide your sensory-friendly strategies, such as wearing tag-less clothing, carrying a fidget backpack and sitting on a wiggle cushion. Hug … Read More

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8 Tips to Ease into your School Routine

Back to school already! Kids and adults can find it tough to adjust to the school routine after a summer break, especially when there are behavioral, emotional or sensory challenges. Here are eight tips to help children ease into the school routine with minimal stress. 1. Shift into the school … Read More

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