Winter Exercise For Sensory Seekers

It’s time to Winterize! If you have kids who are climbing the walls or can’t sit still, they may need a stronger movement diet than the season permits. Though there are plenty of outdoor winter sports for those who live near a ski slope or skating rink, not everyone has … Read More

Your Holiday Survival Guide

It’s holiday time! Yahoo! No school! Yahoo! Uh…Oh…You mean I’m stuck at home with my kids? My kids who have frequent meltdowns? My kids who thrive on structure? Don’t sweat it. Here’s a few tips for you and your special needs kids to keep you rolling smoothly through the holidays. … Read More

5 Ways to Reduce Sensory Meltdowns over the Holidays

Ever notice how sensory meltdowns spike during the holiday season? Itchy costumes, changing routines and noisy crowds can overwhelm the nervous system, especially with SPD or autism. Take 5 steps now to reduce sensory meltdowns and help your child enjoy the wonder of the holidays. Prep your child for what’s … Read More

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