6 Fun Activities on your Scooter Board

We love scooter boards and crawlers, those 4 wheeled toys with the flat surface that you can sit on, lie on and work across the room. Scooter boards provide a useful tool for working on mobility, direction, motor planning and gross motor skills. Be sure your scooter board is safe! Any … Read More

Estrategias Para Prevenir Que Los Niños Caminen De Puntas

¿Tu hijo camina sobre los dedos o las puntas de los pies? Caminar asi puede provocar caídas, además puede ser sintomático de problemas vestibulares y retrasos en el desarrollo. Prueba nuestras actividades de movimiento para ayudar a prevenir que los niños caminen sobre los puntas de los pies. Recuerda animar … Read More

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vacation-friendly sensory tools

Vacation-Friendly Sensory Tools

Heading out? Pack vacation-friendly sensory tools for your time away from home. New sensory tools are exciting but most importantly, select items that are portable, durable and engage a variety of senses. Read on for fun ideas. Of course, if your child or teen has a favorite lap pad or … Read More

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