Los Mejores Juguetes Para Niños de 5 Años con Autismo

Encontrar el juguete adecuado para un niñ@ de cinco años con necesidades especiales puede llegar a ser todo un desafío, ¡pero ya no más! Fun and Function ha hecho que sea fácil encontrar los juguetes perfectos. Si bien todos nuestros juguetes son excelentes para niños con autismo, elegimos nuestros 6 … Read More

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Sensory Kits for Self-Regulation

Sensory kits are not just for home or school! Libraries, museums and airports are responding to special needs with sensory tools in a kit or sensory room. Sometimes an accommodation intended for one audience works for others too, observes Kate Carter, Youth Services Project Librarian at Multnomah County Library in Portland, … Read More

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Heel First! Strategies to Prevent and Reduce Toe Walking

Does your child walk on the toes or balls of the feet? Toe walking can lead to falling, and may be symptomatic of vestibular issues and developmental delays. Try our movement activities to help prevent and reduce toe walking. Remember to encourage kids to walk on their heels, and improve balance … Read More

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