Weight and pressure can help when the body feels lost in space.

Proprioception is the ability to know where your body is in space. Lift your arm up. Now close your eyes. Do you still know where your arm is? Then you have good proprioception. For some it's natural, knowing where to place your foot when you walk without looking, or where your bottom is when you're sitting on a chair. Yet for others it's quite challenging. Does your child seem unaware of how they sit? Clumsy when they walk? Sometimes kids with proprioceptive challenges respond well to weight, pressure and exercise. The added resistance provides better feedback to the brain, making them more aware of their limbs.
  • Try a wrist weight or hand weight when writing
  • Use a foot fidget when sitting, or an ankle weight when walking.
  • Use a cushion or ball chair to give feedback when sitting.

A few great tools and awareness can make all the difference and prevent injuries.