Raising Emotionally Healthy Children: Introduction

Mission: Bring up an emotionally healthy children. Provide a warm, stable nurturing home where children can thrive.

What to expect: A series of posts covering topics relating to raising emotionally healthy children.

Kids really should come out with an instruction manual. It should be attached to their umbilical chords at birth. At the very least some best practices and a message of caution would be helpful as in:

Caution: I am a real little person with feelings. I grow and learn very quickly.The following  best long term  practices are highly recommended by all children worldwide:

1. Keep me safe
2. Love and show me lots of affection
3. Set limits and enforce them
4. Make your expectations clear
5. Be consistent
6. Teach by example
7. Spend time with me
8. Listen when I talk
9. Validate my feelings
10. Take care of yourself too


WARNING: I need lots of attention, and I will keep you extremely busy. I probably will emotionally and physically drain you. I might blame you for the rest of my adult life if you do not learn how to take care of me.  I crave your love and time. I promise to give back– the rewards of caring for me will be enormous if you meet my needs.

Thank you

Your New Baby.


I  am Aviva, Mom in Chief of my household and Founder of Fun and Function (in that order of importance). I am (usually) trying my best to master this big hairy audacious job called Parenting.  My husband is the kinder more benevolent ruler and I would say he tends to be almost democratic. Our half a dozen subjects range from 11 years to 8 months.

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