Request for Autism and Special Needs Input

It’s that time folks! I need your input. There are two ways I need help…

1. As it always seems to, summer has snuck up on us. Well. It doesn’t seem to have arrived in Southern California yet – but I can see the potential. So, I would like to do a round-up post of Autism advice from you, our parents. How do you handle the hotter weather? How do you help you kids adjust to the change in schedule? How do you help them with Day Camp or Sleep Away Camp? What are tips and tricks to getting through the summer? Comment here, or email me at

2. Interviews! We love highlighting parents and professionals involved with special needs. So if your child has special needs, or you work with our kids, I’d like to send you an email interview to highlight you right here on the blog. It’s so important to have that glimpse into another’s life. How do they handle this? It helps us have an understanding of others – and it helps us see where we might change things as we try to get through life. Most important of all, it emphasizes the fact that we are not alone in this fight of taking care of our kids. So! If you’d like to be interviewed for the blog, please email me at

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