So you have a biter? Or a child who incessantly chews on their clothes, fingers, pencil tops and nearly everything not tied down? There is relief in sight! Chewable jewelry to the rescue. Chewies in the form of necklaces and bracelets can be found in a variety of shapes, sizes and textures – for every age and gender. There is even chewable jewelry for moms that is fashionable too! For safety, appropriate-use guidelines are helpful before and post- purchase.
Safety Tips - Chewable Jewelry for Kids with ADHD - Bead Necklace
Rainbow Bead Chew Necklace
Safety Tips - Chewable Jewelry for Kids with ADHD - Replacement Cords
Replacement Cords with Breakaway Clasp

Age Appropriate

Did you select an age appropriate chewy? For younger children (under 3) it is best to have a solid teether or something that mom can wear to maintain close supervision. The goal is to eliminate any choking hazard during chewing and oral exploration. Chew beads are great for babies and small kids because they encourage oral motor exploration with a soft texture. Older children may prefer a wearable like the robot or dog tags that are socially appropriate and "cool" but also safe and effective. Teens and adults may enjoy heavier options like "the Rock" or a teen chewy bracelet.

Inspect Regularly

Whether the child is younger or older, it is wise to inspect the chewy regularly for wear and tear. If cracks or weaknesses are noted, discard and replace the chewy. Chewies can last a long time but it depends on the biting habits of the chewer and the durability of the materials.


Not all chewies are made the same. Be sure you have purchased a chewy from a reputable company that tests products for compliance with all applicable safety standards, including phthalates and BPA. When tubing is part of the chewy, medical grade tubing is best.

Safety Tips - Chewable Jewelry for Kids with ADHD - Chewy Straws
Chewy Straws
Safety Tips - Chewable Jewelry for Kids with ADHD - Egg Pendant
Turquoise Egg Pendant

Wash Regularly

Chewies should be washed with antibacterial soap and water after each use and left to air dry. Some chewies may be dishwasher safe on the top rack – check the care instructions.

Quick Release

A chewy necklace should be large enough to be easily removed or have a quick release or breakaway clasp that pops open easily. There are many styles of chewy necklaces and it really just depends on your child's preference as to which one you choose.

Remember that safety is of the utmost importance and there is no protection like a watchful parent!