Sensory Processing Disorder: It’s Not Just for Kids

“That’s scratchy, I can’t wear it” “The tag is bothering me. Cut it off!” “The music is hurting my ears!”

I’ve always been sensory defensive. Tags felt like steel wool on my back, shoes always had bumps in them, clothes were either too tight or too loose, crowds scared me, loud noises made me freeze. Wearing socks and shoes together often felt like I was walking on a handful of beads. I was like the princess and the pea, and there were peas everywhere!

My mother was remarkable and indulged me in my needs such as washing new clothes five times so the material would soften, spending hours in the shoe store looking for a shoe that didn’t have a bump, or getting me all different kinds of socks to try to find “the right one” However, crowds sapped my energy, bright lights hurt my head, and certain materials were just off limits. And yet even as a young adult I still have my sensitivities. Though I’ve learned how to work with it differently and I believe more effectively.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) or simply:“difficulty processing sensory information” is not just something kids experience, adults do too. And yes, I’m one of those adults.

How do I deal with it as an adult? Well that’s a question for another post…

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[Kate is an incredibly functional and talented adult in her early 20s with SPD. She is a social worker by profession and enjoys spending time with her family, especially her nieces and nephews (as long as they don’t put their sticky hands on her!)]

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