Sensory Solutions for Teens and Adults

Sensory Solutions for Teens and Adults

Providing sensory solutions for teens and adults is as important as exercise and overall well being. Work, social media, diet and environment are just a few of the stresses that can tax our nervous system and bring our sensory system crashing down. As we head out to school, work or even to run errands, addressing our sensory needs can smooth a busy or stressful day.

cool weighted tie

Cool Weighted Tie

Weighted Compression Vest - Black

Weighted Compression Vest

Using Weight Helps Reduce Anxiety

Weight provides sensory regulation in a way that our nervous system can understand. By wearing weight or using weights, even lifting heavy loads or doing chores, the body and the brain work together. In doing so, we release endorphins and actually can reduce anxiety. So, starting your day out with a workout, using a weighted vest or lap pad while working at your computer and snuggling down to a good book with weighted blanket can all do wonders for your nerves.

Rockin Rocker Board

Rockin Rocker Board

foot fidget

The Original FootFidget ® Footrest

Movement is Key to Better Cognition

Regular exercise can improve thinking and memory, according to research, and support your sensory system. In fact, moving in general is beneficial such as using a rocking board to stand while you work. Taking the steps instead of the elevator is another good choice. In addition, riding a bike, dancing, taking a walk, and yes, even cleaning your living space, work space or home is beneficial. Chores are not just tasks: they are a wonderful part of a sensory diet.

Play for Daily Sensory Solutions

Pick up your favorite sport, board game or just go outside and toss a ball or Frisbee. Join a club. Play is not just for children. Play actually lifts the spirits and helps our sensory motor system work like a well-run symphony orchestra. Studies have shown that as we age, we may need to play even more.

Balance Ball Chair

Chair Ball

calming LED bubble tube

Calming LED Bubble Tube

Position Yourself for Success

How are you sitting? Standing? Bending? The position of your body can have a dramatic effect on your ability to process information. Using a ball chair or wiggle cushion, either moving your feet or planting them on the floor. Make sure your desk is at a good angle for your arms and neck to work efficiently, eliminating strain and increasing productivity.

Set Up a Sensory Spa to Decompress

And when you need a break, after a long day… Sensory spa to the rescue! Grab your favorite spot and create a chill spa room of your own. You can use a corner, living room, den, basement or even your bedroom to create the perfect nirvana for decompressing — get started here.  Weighted blanket, special effects lighting with aromatherapy and music can provide the sensory diet you need.  Your are ready to be human again!



Teen Break Box

Teen Break Box

Sensory Solutions within your Reach!

Sensory solutions are easily within reach at every age. Just remember to move, take breaks and stimulate your eyes, ears, mouth, nose, fingers and vestibular system in a way that is pleasing to you. Now tell us what works for you! If you’re not sure, please reach out to our experts at for personalized guidance.

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