Sleepwalking – Searching for Suggestions

Need your help, faithful readers!

At the request of our psychiatrist, we attempted to wean my son off of his medication. It lasted about 3 weeks before we determined that he is not ready, and put him back on the meds.

During the time that he was off his meds, he began sleepwalking. We’ve had some experience with it, because my youngest went through a spat of it. With my youngest, however, we never had problems with him leaving the house. We would find him standing frozen in the bathroom or hallway. My oldest, however, found his way out of the house. It was quite terrifying, there was emergency personnel involved, and just an all around sucky situation.

We’ve changed how we lock the doors, and instead of locking up for the night when we (the parents) go to bed, we do it when the kids go to bed now. With the season, our fans are on most of the time covering over other noises, so we have to do that. Other than that… Do you have any suggestions? So far, it seems to have been a one-time event, but I’m paranoid, and trying to make sure all our bases are covered if it happens again. If you’ve experienced this and have some tips to share, please do so in the comments below. And believe me… I appreciate it.

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  1. I still sleep walk as an adult, so the they may grow out of it really does not apply. Because my son can be a runner we have a security latch on the front door. Our side door has a double keyed dead bolt, it can only be unlocked with a key from inside and outside. You may also want to try a burglar alarm meant for a window. It is a two peice thing and when the pieces are moved apart the alarm goes.

  2. You can get simple, battery operated door/window alarms at Home Depot or Lowes. They operate based on contact…if contact is lost (as in the door opens)…the alarm sounds. These were used in my sons’ preschool to make sure no one escaped through the emergency exit while the teacher was on the other side of the room.

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