Special Needs Out and About

Many times, parents of children with special needs have a difficult time finding places that are a good fit for a family outing. Most families can decide to go to the movies, mall, playground, etc. without any worries. However, parents realize that certain places may not always be the best fit for their child. Children who have special needs may need added resources to be comfortable in different environments. For example, some children may want to get up and dance or walk around which will not work well in a crowded movie theater. Or some children need ramps and other handicap accessible areas which you may not always find in certain areas.

Your friends at Fun and Function have decided to start a series of articles highlighting different places around the United States where families can find a great place to spend time together without the added stresses of “will this be a good fit for my child.”  Throughout this blog series, we will provide you with highlights of different places that are sensory friendly. We hope that you find these lists useful and you make some great memories together!

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  1. Hi I have a little boy with special needs and was wondering if you know
    how I could access the same information about activities and places to
    go in the UK.

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