Special Needs Out and About: Going to the Movies

AMC Theaters across the country have teamed up with the Autism Society to create a “Sensory Friendly Films” program which is a program that allows for the audience to get up, dance, walk around, and shout or sing without disrupting other movie-goers. This program provides a safer, accepting, and more comfortable setting for those living with autism and sensory disorders. The movies are usually available on a monthly basis starting at 10:00am and will not have previews or advertisements. To find out which AMC theaters offer “Sensory Friendly Films,” please visit the AMC Theater website here.

Goodrich Quality Theaters also host Sensory Friendly movies once a month on Saturday Mornings. They call their program “Lights Up, Sound Down (LUSD).” It is a monthly program that is open to the public but aimed specifically to the families and their children who have Autism or another form of sensory issues. LUSD allows the families to enjoy a film at the movies with the lights turned up and the volume lower in the theater to make it a more comfortable atmosphere for everyone. The price is the same as a regular matinee but they do offer concession discounts for groups of 15 or more.

Showbiz Cinemas is proud to present Sensory Friendly Screenings the 2nd Saturday of every month. During their morning screenings, those with special needs can enjoy a movie with their loved ones as the auditorium lighting is slightly brighter than normal and they turn down the sound just a notch. Those with sensory issues can sometimes be affected by the darkness and loud sounds in a regular movie theater resulting in families not being able to go to the movies together. Programs such as this allow families to sit in a comfortable environment with their children and enjoy the show!

Check out your local movie theaters to see if they offer Sensory Friendly Movies!

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