Special Needs Out and About: Skating Rinks

A great idea for the colder months or even the bad weather days is to take your child to the skating rink. There are many indoor and outdoor ice skating rinks and lots of indoor roller skating rinks to choose from.  A lot of skating rinks are accompanied by snack stands, arcades or game rooms and fun interactive skate sessions.

A sensory-friendly skate would not include the loud music and flashing lights and the regular lights would not be as dimmed. Your neighborhood skate rink may offer special days where the skating sessions are sensory friendly or you may be able to call and request one for something special, like a birthday party. So many places are accommodating sensory-friendly groups and welcoming them to come in and enjoy their spaces.

If your child would enjoy being on the ice or roller skating, give your local rinks a call and see if they already offer sensory-friendly sessions or suggest it as a new idea!

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