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Willow lives in Australia and dreams of walking.

Zoey is 7 and always 100% herself.

Sophia shows her classmates that friends can be different.

Connor is 6 and he like math, colors, and shapes.

“There’s Three of Them and only One of Me”

We received an email from one of our customers, Celina, back in 2013 about Fun and Function’s role in her life. Celina is a single mom of three children, each with extra sensory needs.

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“The Love Becomes a Part of You”
Laura is an incredibly intelligent, kind, thoughtful person and we knew right away that she was a perfect fit for the Fun and Function Read More >
“I’ve Learned to Relax and Let my Kids Be Kids”
We first featured Marj Hatzell (known on the Internet through her blog The Domestic Goddess) back in 2010. We loved her interview so much that we decided to check in on her and see how her and her family have progressed over the years. Read More >
“Triple the Work and Triple the Joy”

Who are you and your kids?

I a mom, a wife, a marketing exec, an advocate for my special needs child, Jared, who is a quirky, brilliant, adorable 6 year old.

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