The Benefits of Weighted Blankets

Do you like the feel of a heavy blanket on you when you go to sleep? Or do you prefer a light sheet? Whether you prefer weight or no weight is an indicator of your sensory needs. Weighted blankets are an effective tool for those who enjoy and benefit from weight being dispersed across their body as part of a sensory diet. It can also be used as a highly effective tool for those with sensory disorders such as autism, sensory processing disorder, anxiety disorders, insomnia and ADD/ADHD. They can also be highly useful for adults, as well, including those suffering from ailments such as RLS (restless leg syndrome, Alzheimers or Parkinson’s Disease).
How do they work?
The deep pressure from a weighted blanket can cause the body to produce endorphins and serotonin which eventually results in a calm relaxed feeling. It is a safe, secure alternative to using drugs for relaxation. There is no hard rule to selecting blanket weight or sizes, but the chart below can be used as a guide. Blankets can be used at rest time, during car trips, in quiet corners, during homework or anytime calm is needed. They can be folded, as well, to intensify weight and used as a lap pad or draped across the shoulders. Please note that weighted blankets should only be used with adult supervision and guidance from a qualified therapist who can address your child’s sensory needs.

User Height User Weight Blanket Length Blanket Weight
34″ 30-35 lbs -40″ 3-5 lbs
42″ 35-45 lbs -48″ 5-7 lbs
50″ 50-75 lbs -56″ 7-10 lbs
54″ 75-150 lbs -60″ 10-15 lbs

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