“The Biggest Challenge is Raising Awareness”

Maya’s Hope is an organization that strives to improve the quality of life of impoverished, disadvantaged and orphaned children, many with special needs. Maya Rowencak is president and founder of Maya’s Hope. After her mother’s passing, she felt compelled to give back somehow. Feeling a bit like an orphan herself, Maya started visiting orphanages and was inspired by the children to help them.

Here’s what she says about the biggest challenge in raising awareness for special needs:

“The biggest challenge is raising awareness among those who don’t know about special needs. I did a speech last year, where I compared anxiety of all the attendees to the real problems that children with special needs face. When you shift how people create their own problems, versus what children may battle, be it loneliness, poverty, illness or special needs, it often readjusts how we view our problems and stresses.”

We recently donated products for a charity auction for Maya’s Hope. To find out how you can be involved with the organization, visit mayashope.org

Watch one of Maya’s favorite stories here.

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