The Kids’ Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control

I am a pediatric occupational therapist, and mother of 3 young children. I currently work in a school-based practice, but also have experience with spinal cord injury, burns, psychological disabilities, and neurological impairments. I also hold advanced training and certification in Integrated Listening Systems, and am a certified screener for Irlen Syndrome/Scoptic Sensitivity.

I  wrote a book that was recently published, and inspired, largely by my passion for my children and my profession: “The Kids’ Guide to Staying Awesome and in Control: Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate their Emotions and Senses (Jessica Kingsley Publishers, August 2014).”

I wrote this book to provide children with a tool to empower themselves to feel calm and in control, utilizing exercises, tools, and other strategies that have shown to be extremely effective through clinical practice, experience as a special-needs mom, and research. I am all about providing my children (my own and the ones I treat) with ways to take a proactive, independent, and successful approach to managing their own states of self-regulation. That was the basis of the direction in which I took my book: a manual where children can understand and label their feelings, and then understand which strategies would help them feel in control based on a simple ‘key’ that represents each feeling.

While I love writing, I wrote at a level similar to the way I speak to children I work with, to the extent that many of my recent 5-star reviews (yay!) have stated that the children have felt that I was speaking to them; that was my goal. I want this book to transfer best into daily life (both in and out of school), and part of that process, for me, was speaking to the kids I am writing to in a very casual and relatable way.

Finally, for the parents, caregivers, teachers, and therapists working with the child, there is a section for adults with many helpful charts that ensure transference of learned skills and strategies into whatever setting you may find yourself in.

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