Things I’ve Read This Week

Yes, occasionally I get the opportunity to read.  It is next-to-impossible for me to read anything lengthy.  My ADHD and my children usually take care of that!  I do like to surf the web and find new articles and areas of research that intrigue me or might be of use to me and other autism parents that I know (or who might occasionally get the opportunity to read also).  This week I have decided to share them with all of you.

This article describes research done on chemical deficiencies that can be seen in children with autism.  The scientist in me (when she can pay attention) enjoys this stuff.  We actually give Will glutathione supplements, if I can get him to take them.

Next, a story about the iPad and a little boy who is non-verbal (not from autism) and uses it to help him learn to speak.  I am a huge fan of the iPad and it has done wonders for Will, so this one is just near and dear to my heart.

And this one because she has ADHD and I think she is just hysterical (and it’s cute).

Finally, I didn’t actually read this, but I did spend a lot of time admiring it.  Definitely his best work yet – I am so proud of his new found coloring skills.

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